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Hello Rev. Carla Golden!

I am new to the Unity movement. I left Catholicism long ago, studied many paths, and have found Unity to be incredibly interesting. And sensible. For example, Unity interpretations of the Bible make so much sense to me, and I was NEVER even a reader of the Bible.

Your post really touched me. I was abused terribly as a child, and the decisions I made as a young adult were based on my tortured worldview. When I studied other forms of Christianity, Christians told me God had allowed the abuse--beating, humiliation, other things--to humble me and make me a better servant.

I'd like to think Unity believes such thinking is hogwash. Even though I am far from perfect, I do believe my past has rendered me a sensitive, compassionate human being. But I can no longer stomache the philosophy that a loving God (what I prefer to call "Creative Prinicple") allows the abuse of innocents to make them better people. I loathe the belief that God allowed this to happen to me so I could mature into a good person.

I am beginning to believe, through Unity teachings, that my abusers simply stepped out of the "light" (kindness, care, love, etc.) and into the shadow (child abuse, neglect, etc.). They chose to be awful. This was their use, or MISUSE, of free will.

Does my philosophy coincide with Unity teachings? Or does Unity's belief in "Divine Order" mean that terrible things are necessary in order to render good? I will be happy to explain further if anything seems confusing or needs clarifying.

Thank you so much for your wonderful blog. I will certainly be reading it often!


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