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Pardon me for coming so late to this post, but I just had to comment on this issue.

A few years ago, I bought a book on applying Buddhist teachings to everyday life. The author is a Buddhist expert. Anyway, at some point, he explained what we as spiritually minded folks can do when we are "confronted" by homelessness.

Basically what followed was a diatribe against these hurting children of God. He called them "grubby", implied they were lazy, the whole nine yards.

A friend of mine wrote the author to express her outrage. What did the author do? He denied he wrote such crap, even though his words were right there in black and white.

What does this say about this country, this seemingly "advanced" society? This so called "Christian nation"? Not only did this poor man die alone, but he was ignored in life and death.

Sorry to be venting this late at night, Rev. Golden. But this post really got to me.

Was this poor man ever identified?



Me, again.

I did some web searching and learned of his identity.

I also learned of his complicated life.

I hope he is at peace. Regardless of how he lived his life, he was a child of God.


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