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...interesting selective manipulation of scripture from Jesus. If you look at the whole of Jesus' and the Bible's teaching, you'll find resurrection, not reincarnation.

Edward Huang

The biblical verse "Except a 'person' be born again, they shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven" has a literal meaning clearly referring to reincarnation.

Edward Huang

Exodus 34:7. "The sins of the parent may require atonement by their great grand children." This seems unjust, but not so, if it is interpreted that it may take up to 4 cycles of reincarnation to work off ones spiritual debt.

Furthermore, Matthew 12-31. Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost can never be forgiven.

All sins committed, shall be remitted
All sins except for one,
Blasphemy against the Host committed
Cannot be made undone

To shorten your allotted span
Is the unforgiveable sin
For it is to despise yourself
And deathless soul within

There’s a purpose to every thing
And a time and season,
Incarnation is for learning
But for what the reason?
-(Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Reincarnation is like school
For lessons to be learned,
Lessons failed, must be repeated
For progress to be earned

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