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"Love is love" you said. In light of a recent HBO series causing a minor buzz, I'm curious as to what your opinion is on polygamy? Do you think ensuring equal rights for homosexuals naturally lends towards eventual legal acceptance of polygamy as well?


I don't condemn or condone it either , but it is your job to let your family member know how God feels about it.

Just because homosexuality took place in the ancient times as well ,God still feels the same way about then as He do now.

When He burned Sodom and Gommorah, He left a message saying that this was an example for those come who live ungodly. 2 peter 2:4-6

And for you to be a pastor and to say that Sodom and Gommorah was burned down because something other than homosexuality you really need to read your bible along with the so called bible scholars.

Do you recall when the angels went to save Lot and the men was banging on his door so they could have sex with the the angels and the angels blinded the men so they would not find there door? These men surrounded Lot house and it was crowd, they was even on his roof. Read it for yourself in Genesis 19:1-12

This is so puzzling to me. We are to reverance God not man, so why do pastors, preachers put Rev in front of your name as if we are to reverance them.

There is not one Revern in the bible, this is a man made thing and you as a pastor not suppose to be in to worldly things but just of the world.


I forgot one more thing and that is you say Jesus never said nothing about homosexuality, Jesus is the one who burned up Sodom and Gommorah, The Father , Son & the Hoy Spirit are one!
If God does not approve do you think Jesus will? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Corinthians Paul talks to the homosexuals and some of them changed there ways.

Now who do you think taught Paul to tell these people that what they was doing was wrong and that it was not exceptable by God?

As sad as it may be that you could lose a love one because of their life style you still have to be very honest with them and yourself.

God is going to hold you accountable for not making that person aware of God feels about it.

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